Forget about Happy Valley, Legoland (yes, that’s happening – click here for more info), Peppa Pig Palace or Smurf Park (no, those 2 didn’t make it)… because the rumour is that Disneyland may open it’s third China location in Chengdu!

Image: Fake Disneyland rendering (Xinglong lake area)

Over the last few days, Chinese social media has been bursting with news of a possible third Disneyland in China, and speculation that it would be in Chengdu rather than Tianjin, Qingdao or other mentioned cities – is rife! People are even already wondering where the park could be, and Chengdu Eastern New Area (Longquan) or Tianfu New Area are the two big candidates – with even a fake zoning map already circulating online.We can now finally dry our tears over the city’s FAKE Disneyland –  and our other  less than memorable Chengdu monuments, because who knows, we may finally be making it big time! 麻辣 Mickey anyone?

Source: RED小红书: 世豪观&成都楼市

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