The Party!

2016 Chengdu-Expat Awards

Wednesday night was the Chengdu Expat 2016 Awards party, we hope all who came had a great time, everyone looked beautiful! The winners of each category were announced, and given their awards. The event started at 7pm with the award ceremony starting at 8pm. The event ran smoothly and late in to the night. We gave awards for the best bar, best delivery service, best newcomer, best international school and many more. We’d like to thank all contestants, those who voted and those who came last night as well as those who presented the awards. It would not have been possible without you. With just a week to organise, the event turn out was great and the band who played were excellent and got everyone in the mood to party and celebrate. We hope you enjoyed the sparkling wine and beer and got to taste some of the food that was going round.

It was a beautiful venue with very accommodating staff at Xi Mi, on the 15th floor of the Grand Hyatt, complete with a lit up roof terrace. It has been a busy week for Chengdu Expat but it was all worth it to see everyone have a great time on Wednesday night. This is the first time Chengdu Expat has hosted an award night, we have received lots of positive feedback and hope the next event will be just as great. 10,000 votes, 33,000 views and just 7 days to plan the award ceremony, 150 RSVPs and a sold out event was a great success for Chengdu Expat. We hope all who joined will be there at the next event and if you couldn’t make it this time we hope to see you next time. Here are your pictures. Check out the photos on the Chengdu-Expat Facebook page too and tag yourselves!

And the winners are:

  • Best Cafe/ Bakery: Munchwich
  • Best Bar: Revolucion Cocktail
  • Best International School: CDIS
  • Best Hotel: Oakwood Residence Funder
  • Best Delivery Service: Good Good Mexican Grill
  • Best Local Restaurant: Hai Di Lao Hotpot
  • Best WeChat Group: Chengdu Food Finders
  • Event of the Year: CIC Holiday Bazaar
  • Best Western Restaurant: Grappa’s
  • Best Reoccuring Event: JING Bar Tiki Thursday’s
  • Best Nightclub: Jellyfish
  • Best Newcomer: Munchwich



Adrien Chengdu-Expat
Author: Adrien Chengdu-Expat

The "IT" of CD Expat Team. Also Photographer , Dj & Web Developer/Designer In Chengdu Since 2012.

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