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CDIS Opens in the Heart of the City

On May 4th 2018, Chengdu International School celebrated its new Heart of the City campus after twenty years of serving expatriate students in Chengdu. The new campus is located in Shuinianhe, very close to the Niuwangmiao metro station, which is really

2017 Intel Cup Sichuan Science Fair – the Winners

MORE Magazine Press Release:Over March 17th and 18th, students from Chengdu International School and 11 other international high schools in China strove for victory in the 2017 Intel Cup Sichuan Science Fair.More than 40 projects submitted by over 70 of the

Nominating for the Best of the ‘Du at the CDIS Holiday Bazaar

 Nominating for the Best of the ‘Du at the CDIS Holiday BazaarThis Saturday Chengdu Expat attended the annual CDIS Holiday Bazaar to kick start the festive celebrations. This year, amongst the food, dancing, music and beer tasting, we took the opportunity to

My [Community] Weekender

My [Community] Weekender.Diane Sonar CDIS Community Relations Director has spent over a decade in the city and talks community, culture and how she spends her weekends in the ‘Du.Diane came to Chengdu in 2004 so is now in her eleventh year