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Chengdu: China’s Happiest City for 14th Year Running

Chengdu: China’s Happiest City for 14th consecutive yearChengdu, hometown of the panda, hip hop, hot pot and mahjong, once again came in first in the annual rank of China’s 10 happiest cities… they obviously don’t ask people during winter… We joke.This is the 14th consecutive

Cheap Things To Do in Chengdu

If you know where to look, you get get by in Chengdu for a lot less than you’d think.

8 Things To Do In Chengdu This Week [October 2018]

The days may be getting shorter, but there’s no shortage of things to fill the days. A plethora of art, music, food, business and family events are taking place this week in the city:Chengdu Hash House Harrier’s AnnualRed Dress Charity

A Love Letter to Chengdu

Big news from Mandarin Blueprint at the end of the article with a special offer exclusively for Chengdu-Expats, don’t miss it!After I moved to Chengdu, people told me it had its own culture along with a somewhat independent streak and look out…you

How to Buy and Top-up a Public Transport Card in Chengdu

If you’re in Chengdu for any substantial amount time you’re bound to end up using Chengdu’s public transport system.Relatively new, opening in 2010, and forever expanding, with a raft of lines and line extensions planned to open in the next

City from up top ?@momomiya.zhang

City from up top ?@momomiya.zhang

Looking forward to Friday night in the big city ?@carlmeee

Looking forward to Friday night in the big city ?@carlmeee

Panda dumplings! Only in Chengdu ? @mrhappymyc

Panda dumplings! Only in Chengdu ? @mrhappymyc

Sunset over Chengdu city ? @chinafeelings

Sunset over Chengdu city ? @chinafeelings

Chengdu’s New Shopping Centres

The number of mega retail destinations opening in town this year will not match last year’s, but there are still lots of new places to check out. Chengdu is globally ranked very high for the new amount of upcoming mixed real estate.Residents in

New Libraries in Chengdu

Libraries are key destinations to check out in a new city. They are usually clean, comfortable, and relaxing spots to pass a few hours or do any studying, reading, and computer work. Really great libraries through their architecture, collections, and

Dunhuang, a Beacon from History

[:en]☀️ The name Dunhuang means beacon or light and reflects the city’s thousand plus year history as a western frontier town along the Silk Road. ??? Modern Dunhuang is a prime Western China travel destination for beautiful desert landscapes, important

“Chengdu, Can Do!”: The Land of Abundance

The fertile Chengdu Plain, on which Chengdu is located, is also known as the “Country of Heaven” (Chinese: 天府之国; pinyin: Tiānfǔzhiguó), a phrase also often translated as “The Land of Abundance”. The discovery of the Jinsha site suggests the area of Chengdu had become the center of the bronze age Sanxingdui culture around the time of the establishment of the state of Shu, prior to its annexation by Qin in 316 BCThough Chengdu has a rich history, like much of China, the face changing art that is a feature of Sichuan opera is a suitable metaphor for the city which is trying to be seen as a modern destination for business