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COVID-19 Legal Advice: Jobs and Visas

COVID-19 Legal Advice: Jobs and VisasBy now many of us will have received news you won’t be entitled to a full salary in the next few months. COVID-19 has affected a lot of people’s ability to head into work, because

How to Find what you’re Looking for in Chengdu

Having difficulties trying to find what you are looking for in Chengdu? Our Mini-Program can be used to find almost everything from restaurants, bars, events, jobs, news, useful information and more. The ChengduExpat+ Mini-Program really has it all at your fingertips. Find our Mini-Program

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Jobs in Chengdu | May

Are you looking to change industries or get ahead in your career?We will begin sharing jobs from a wide range of industries – although never jobs that discriminate on the colour of your skin. Please scan the QR code below

Write for us at Chengdu-Expat

We are looking for new writers and contributors who find living in Chengdu as fascinating as we do. The city is bursting with great food, fast development and an amazing emerging arts scene, and we want to find talented writers who want