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Month: August 2017

When is Chinese Valentine’s Day?

A few times a year you might receive WeChat messages from your Chinese friends wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day, leaving you a little confused. Valentine’s Day is on the 14th February after all, is it not?  Well, right, Valentine’s

Where to watch “The Money Fight”

The Money FightIt’s finally here! The fight we have all been waiting for! Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes to our screens early morning on the 27th August. So rise and shine all you boxing/MMA fans you are in

Foreign Consulates in Chengdu Overview

 Foreign Consulates in Chengdu Overview As Chengdu is a thriving city with an increasing amount of foreigners relocating or visiting here, it is of no surprise that countries want to open up a consulate here. There are currently 19 countries that

How to Buy and Top-up a Public Transport Card in Chengdu

If you’re in Chengdu for any substantial amount time you’re bound to end up using Chengdu’s public transport system.Relatively new, opening in 2010, and forever expanding, with a raft of lines and line extensions planned to open in the next

36 dead as Chengdu Coach crashes in Shaanxi

At 11.34pm Thursday night a Chengdu passenger coach crashed into an expressway tunnel wall in Shaanxi province, leaving 36 dead.Reportedly carrying 49 passengers, 2 children are among the dead and 13 others have been injured.The sleeper coach set off from

Jiuzhaigou Earthquake

On Tuesday at 9:19pm China Standard Time a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan’s Jiuzhaigou County, 420km north of Chengdu.The small town of Zhangzha, at the epicentre of the quake, is believed to have been particularly affected. The quake’s tremors, which could

What’s Happening in Chengdu? [July/ August]

What’s Happening in Chengdu? [July/ August]NBA Superstar Ben Wallace to Make Healthy Food for Fans in ChengduOn July 4th, the NBA Champion Basketball Player Ben Wallace came to Fairmont Chengdu making his healthy recipe for the fans, sharing healthy living

Prize winners – Chengdu-Expat Turns One

A year ago and the Chengdu-Expat WeChat platform officially launched. Here are the prize winners of our one year celebration.We wanted to provide useful information about the city that we love to live in and help local businesses reach the international

Young Professionals Mixer II – Roundup

On Friday the 28th of July more than 120 young professionals gathered on the Wanda Reign’s swanky roof garden for drinks and networking.Despite the rain’s best attempts, which forced a brief retreat to a salon room, the event was a