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Chengdu News Winter 2022

The 4 or 5 weeks between Christmas and the Lunar New Year can feel like a sort of listless vaccum, where nothing much of value happens in Chengdu, apart from trips to a tin of Quality Street, to see if anything but the toffee pennies are hiding

Register for SPGSI Chengdu Early Years Activity Morning

22nd JanuaryLearning Through PlaySPGS International School ChengduEarly Years Activity MorningRegistration Info at the Bottom of this ArticleWith specially selected monthly learning themes, plenty of time for outdoor classes, continuous provision, and a mix of music, art, science and drama classes, younger children in Junior

The Michelin Guide Lands In Chengdu

2022 Chengdu Michelin Restaurant GuideThere isn’t a doubt in our mind that Chengdu has one of the best food scenes in China, and maybe even the world. Never mind that it is a UNESCO city of gastronomy (yawn, so is

2021 New Year’s Eve Events and Parties in Chengdu

As 2021 is coming to an end, it’s time to celebrate Chengdu! There are dinners, drinks specials, parties and big nights out to help you bring in 2022. Which one will you choose?Dec. 31: NY @ Gili’s and G’s Bistro

Winning at Winter in Chengdu

There’s no doubt that winter is here – it’s cold and grey and somewhat discouraging. But there’s more to Winter in Chengdu than just hiding away and waiting for Spring. The cold winds (its a metaphor, there’s no wind in

Places to Ski in and around Chengdu

Places to Ski in and around ChengduWhilst it’s very unlikely any of us will be hitting the slopes of Aspen, Courchevel, or Zermatt this year, there are decent ski resorts in China, and some of them are closer than you’d

2021 Chengdu Christmas Events

If you’re spending Christmas in Chengdu this year then you’re in luck, as there is an abundance of events, parties, restaurant offers and delicious hotel dinners for you to get involved in in the city over the festive season. Restaurants/ 餐厅From

Indoor Activities for Families in Chengdu

 • Are your kids driving you nuts? Are you looking for some weekend activities in the Chengdu area that are suitable for children?• Check out our list of Chengdu’s most popular indoor attractions suitable for the whole family.Kids Winshare Plus 文轩亲子书店 Kids Winshare Plus is a

Craft Beer Bars in Chengdu

15 years ago, the only Chinese beers anyone was used to cracking open were weak, mass-produced lagers like Tsingtao, Snow or Harbin… Whilst these pair okay with local grub, in the last 5 years, breweries in Sichuan have begun to

Chengdu Eats | Big Fat Burgers

As the days draw shorter, and the prospect of visiting home seems ever out of reach, we find ourselves getting lost in thoughts of big, familiar food, that HUG you… and will definitely leave you a little more cuddly. We’re back on

2021 Chengdu Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving celebrations are all about cooking and sharing an abundance of food with family and friends. We’re all missing home, just a little more than usual this year so we have put together a list of the places in the

COVID-19 in Chengdu: The Latest

The latest updates:Updated November 23 2021, 10:30• At the time of publishing, there are 26 COVID cases in total in Chengdu. • Since November 23rd, there are 0 high or medium-risk areas in Chengdu. What if your Health Code turns Orange/ Yellow?You

Chengdu: Why Your Health Code Might Now Turn Orange/ Orange?

• Your health code, or friends and colleagues’ health codes may have turned orange/ yellow, or red this week. This might be the first time you’re experiencing this (as we’ve been quite lucky in Sichuan with COVID-19 outbreaks so far).•

COVID-19: Risk Areas in Chengdu

Updated November 23 2021, 10:30Since November 23rd, there are 0 high are medium-risk areas in Chengdu.Risk areas in Chengdu (November 10th)If you’ve visited any of the areas mentioned above, or your office/ living address is registered in one of those

Chengdu News Autumn 2021

It looks like another autumn has arrived in the city, where we’re not going beyond China’s fine borders – and before you know it winter will be in town. Luckily there’s lots going on to keep us distracted; celebrations, yet another

SPGSI Chengdu Junior School Open House

Young children deserve an outstanding education that challenges, excites and inspires. At SPGS International School, our commitment to delivering a genuine British education extends not just across our unique programme of learning but focuses on developing the whole child, from

Where to buy Halloween Costumes in Chengdu

Love it, or loathe it, Halloween is fast approaching. That means the time has come to choose your spooky costumes. It seems as though this holiday largely celebrated in the past by Americans, has provided Chinese stores with the perfect

2021 Halloween Events in Chengdu Overview

One of the biggest party weeks of the year is coming up once again, there are so many parties and events to choose from. Stay focused, put on your fangs and sink your teeth into these Halloween treats…Hotels/ HostelsOct. 30-31:

Apply for your English Vaccine Record in Chengdu

• First things first, please note that the vaccine record mentioned in this article does not mean that returning to China has, or will get any easier. Very few foreigners are still able to return at the moment and compulsory quarantine

SPGS International School Chengdu’s Weekly Reading Clubs are Back!

SPGS International School Chengdu’s weekly Reading Clubs are back by popular demand this month. The clubs are an opportunity for children aged between  3 and 7 to meet some of the school’s outstanding teachers, make new friends and nurture your