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Save Up to 20% on Your Chinese Classes with That’s Mandarin

你好 (Nǐhǎo) 👋​Double Eleven is right on the horizon, and it’s high time to prepare your shopping cart!双十一Shuāng ShíyīDouble Eleven (China’s online shopping festival)(Lit. “double-ten-one”)💰 Don’t miss the chance to save on your Chinese classes with That’s Mandarin’s biggest discount

A New Flexible Online Mandarin Tutoring Platform

Do you want to have an easier life in China?Do you want to improve your employment prospects?If yes – then learning, or improving Chinese might be for you!We’re all likely to be in China for a little while now – so

Clabing? Online Chinese Tutoring to Fit your Budget

Do you know how to find an awesome Chinese tutor whom you can share your interests and life with?Want to know where to find your native Chinese tutors/language partners from a variety of different people?Do you feel bothered to travel

Does The Iceberg Principle Affect Our Chinese Learning?

How does an iceberg relate to your process of acquiring a second language? Quite a bit, actually…  In the world of learning a second language, you may run into all sorts of claims:“Learn a new language in 5 minutes!”“10 language

Can We Ever Really Be Chinese?

 Living in a country without being able to communicate. You have arrived in a city and you are unable to communicate due to the language barrier, and the experience you are having is being severly limited by your lack of grasp of the language.

A Love Letter to Chengdu

Big news from Mandarin Blueprint at the end of the article with a special offer exclusively for Chengdu-Expats, don’t miss it!After I moved to Chengdu, people told me it had its own culture along with a somewhat independent streak and look out…you

Deal of the Week – Mandarin Blueprint Course

Followers of Chengdu-Expat receive a weekly special deal on a great product or service in Chengdu, available every Monday.This Week Mandarin Blueprint is an expat run online course that has made a name in Chengdu as the place to go for fast results

Free Chinese Acquisition Webinar

Online Mandarin Learning WebinarSaturday April 1st at 10:00 AMHow would it feel to speak Chinese like a native? What would it be worth to you to read a business contract or a novel in Chinese?We will get you there in a

An Innovative New Way to Learn Chinese

An Innovative New Way to Learn ChineseMandarin Blueprint has been making waves as the most motivating and innovative Chinese course around. Run by foreign experts, they specialize in the Chinese teaching methods that are most effective for foreigners.Demystifying Chinese in