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Chengdu Through The Lens: October

The weather getting colder in Chengdu hasn’t stopped these local photographers from getting their cameras out and taking some impressive snaps of Chengdu. Although Halloween looms over the city, we don’t see any horrific photos here.Here is Chengdu this October

Chengdu Through The Lens: September

The weather transitioned from hot and dry to cold and wet. Whilst the sun took a little breather, Chengdu’s active group of street photographers got busy.Here is Chengdu this September through their lens…Is it Time to Dig out your Jacket?@jethoonThe

Instagrams of November [2018]

As November comes to an end, Chengdu is taking on a new look. Ginkgo leaves are falling, fog hovers around skyscrapers, and that Winter chill is kicking in. Photographers have been coming in from all over, be it for exhibitions, FISE,

2018 Holiday Bazaar Photos

The 2018 Chengdu Holiday Bazaar took place this weekend on Saturday 24th November, at CDIS ’s new campus in the heart of the city. The sun was shining and almost 1800 people came out, to see the wonderful performances, and buy festive

Chengdu Instagrams of Fall

No matter where you are in Chengdu, there is always someone or something interesting to photograph. Chengdu is home to, and also attracts, plenty of talented photographers from all over the world.Our Instagram tries to feature interesting and vibrant photos

Chengdu Instagrams of October

Everywhere you turn in Chengdu there is someone or something interesting to photograph. This attracts very talented photographers who capture what makes this city great. Chengdu-Expat’s Instagram tries to feature the most interesting and vibrant photos taken of Chengdu. Here are

Chengdu-Expat 2016 Award Party Recap

The Party!2016 Chengdu-Expat AwardsWednesday night was the Chengdu Expat 2016 Awards party, we hope all who came had a great time, everyone looked beautiful! The winners of each category were announced, and given their awards. The event started at 7pm

Nominating for the Best of the ‘Du at the CDIS Holiday Bazaar

 Nominating for the Best of the ‘Du at the CDIS Holiday BazaarThis Saturday Chengdu Expat attended the annual CDIS Holiday Bazaar to kick start the festive celebrations. This year, amongst the food, dancing, music and beer tasting, we took the opportunity to