Thanksgiving celebrations are all about cooking and sharing an abundance of food with family and friends. Just in case you American expats are feeling homesick this Thanksgiving, Chengdu has its own line-up of feasts and festivities for you to enjoy to make you feel more at home!



November 5-27: Thanksgiving Deal at Gili’s Restaurant & Bar



Venue/场地: Gili’s Restaurant & Bar

Address/地址: 9 South Tongzilin Road, Wuhou District 武侯区,桐梓林南路9号

Price/价格: Gili’s Thanksgiving Combo 258RMB per set


November 30th: Happy Thanksgiving from Home Plate BBQ



Serves 12-15 Order for dine-in, or delivery all season. Please order 3 days in advance.


Venue/场地: Homeplate BBQ

Address/地址: Wuhou District, Ziwei East Rd. No. 54 四川省成都市武侯区紫薇东路54号

Price/价格: 78- 1300

Scan the QR code below for more information:


November 23 – December 1: The Temple Café



Venue/场地: The Temple Cafe

Address/地址: The Temple House, 81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District 锦江区笔帖式街81号

Price/价格: 198 RMB per person


November 28th: Thanksgiving the Office



Venue/场地: The Office

Address/地址:The Master, 48 Remin South Road 4th Section, 22, Wuhou District 师父,48雷民南路4段,22号,武侯区

Price/价格: 168 RMB per person, reserve by November 21


November 28th: Thanksgiving with Le Wagon


On Thursday, November 28th, on the holiday of Thanksgiving, Le Wagon are bringing together their alumni, partners, and representatives from Chengdu’s technology and startup communities to connect, share, and enjoy a meal and some drinks together. Sponsored by Nanmen Craft Brewery. You can enjoy a turkey dinner and craft beer for only 88 RMB. The turkey dinner is now sold out, however, you can still get drinks.

Venue/场地: Nanmen Craft Brewery

Address/地址: Tongzilin Road No. 8 桐梓林路8号(世纪景苑正对面)

Price/价格: 88 RMB

Scan the QR code on the poster to RSVP. For drinks special, you must reserve by 3pm on Thursday, Nov 28th.


November 28th: Thanksgiving Party

This Thursday join Cali Co. Cocktail Bars Thanksgiving, yard bbq, all you can drink mulled wine, we dance with the music, we keep the winter warm with everyone together 🍖

Venue/场地: Cali Co. Cocktail Bar

Address/地址: No. 25/2F, 6 Taiping Nanxin Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Price/价格: 198 RMB per person

Reservation/ 预定电话: Scan the QR code on the poster to reserve a space


November 28th: Shamrock Thanksgiving Diner



Venue/场地: Shamrock Irish Bar and Restaurant

Address/地址: 17, Sect. 4, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路4段17号

Price/价格: 178 RMB per person / 1688 RMB between 12-15 people

Reservation/ 预定电话: call 13880725302


November 28th 8pm – 10pm: Thanksgiving Buffet & Bingo



Venue/场地: The Range Bar & Grill

Address/地址: Chengdu, Wuhou District, First Ring Road #9 South First Section Building 1. Second Floor Suite #9. (KaiYue New City) 成都市武侯区一环路南一段9号1栋2层9号(凯悦新城)

Price/价格: 200RMB per person

Reservation/ 预定电话: Scan the QR code below to contact Kate for a reservation

November 28: Thanksgiving Feast The Ritz Carlton


Venue/场地: The Ritz Carlton

Address/地址: 25F The Ritz Carlton 269 Shuncheng Ave. 顺城大街269号

Price/价格: 338 per person

Reservation/ 预定电话: Scan the QR code on the poster or call their number.


November 28: Café Z Thanksgiving Day Festival Feast


Venue/场地: Café Z

Address/地址: 1/F, Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu, 9 East Binjiang Rd. 滨江东路9号成都香格里拉大酒店一楼

Price/价格: 190 RMB for one adult and a kid under six

Reservation/ 预定电话: Scan the QR code to reserve a ticket


November 28 – December 1: Thanksgiving Iron Pig BBQ



Venue/场地: Iron Pig BBQ

Address/地址: Tongzilin South Road No. 9-24 (next to the entrance of Singapore Garden) 桐梓林南路9号附24号(新加坡花园大门旁).

Price/价格: Enjoy a set menu for 160RMB.


November 28th- 31st: Thanksgiving at The Diner



Venue/场地:The Diner

Address/地址: No.9-19 Tongzilin Nanlu, Wuhou District (beside Singapore Garden’s entrance) 桐梓林南路9号附19,武侯区(新加坡花园小区旁边)

Price/价格: 358 RMB for two people with 5 courses.

Reservation/ 预定电话: Scan the QR code for more information


November 28: Peter’s Tex-Mex Grill


Venue/场地: Peters Tex-Mex

Address/地址: 12, East Tongzilin Rd. 桐梓林东路12号

34, Jinxiu Road 锦绣路34号, 85253506

117, North Kehua Road 科华北路117号 85227965

Reservation/ 预定电话: Scan the QR code below to make a registration

November 28th-30th: Hunt’s Thanksgiving

Venue/场地: Hunt’s 

Address/地址: No.8 Shuangqing Road Chenghua District 成华区双庆路8号(万象城南庭一楼155号)

Reservation/ 预定电话: Scan the QR code to find out more information and reserve a space


November 30th: CHINO Vegan Thanksgiving

Mama Rachel takes over Chino’s kitchen for a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner November 30 at 7:00! ! Chino’s is also having a sale on vegan red wine 100¥ pre-sale. Get your wine when you buy your ticket!! The price of the wine will increase to 125 the day of the party.

Venue/场地: Chino

Address/地址: 2 Unit 1 11th Floor of East New Town, Haijiao City Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu 成都市锦江区海椒市街东方新城2栋1单元11楼

Price/价格: 175 RMB per person

Reservation/ 预定电话: Please by scan the QR code on the poster and get your tickets in advance.


November 28th & 29th: Tim’s Thanksgiving Meal


Venue/场地:Tim’s Bar-B-Q

Address/地址: 绣路1号,保利中心C座7号No 7 Building C, Poly Centre, No. 1 JinXiu Road, Wuhou District

Price/价格: 168 RMB per person, 68 RMB for children under 12


November 28- December 1: Lay Bricks Thanksgiving


Buy one get one free on 21 draft beers, Gelato and Coffee.


Venue/场地: Lay Bricks

Address/地址: No.8-10, Da Chuan Alley, Jinjiang District 锦江区大川巷8号附10号


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