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New COVID-19 Cases in Chengdu: The Latest

The latest updates:Updated August 13th 2021, 14:00• At the time of publishing, there are 0 medium risk areas in Chengdu. Sichuan province has 1 medium-risk area located in the city of Luzhou.• Previous to the 29th July, a total of

Sichuan Tianfu Health Code Update [April 2021]

If you found your WeChat health code not working recently, you’re not alone. The Tianfu Health code (天府健康通) system had an upgrade (good thing is that now it should be accepted across all cities and towns in Sichuan province), please

Sichuan Tianfu Health Code Update [January 2021]

If you found your health code not working recently, you’re not alone. The Tianfu Health code (天府健康通) system had an upgrade (good thing is that now it should be accepted across all cities and towns in Sichuan province), please follow

Sichuan Accommodation Registration Goes Online

Before foreigners had to go re-register at your local police station (派出所) within 24 hours after returning to Chengdu from abroad, now this is possible online as well!As of June 1st 2020, the Exit-Entry Administration of the Sichuan Public Security

Sichuan Experiences the Worst Flooding in 70 Years

Chengdu has activated a level-four emergency response as Sichuan brace for the worst flooding they have seen in 70 years. A further 1,000 people have been excavated from affected areas in the city following the continuous rain over the weekend.

Coronavirus (Chengdu): Statistics and Useful Information

Finally it seems that nationwide efforts to control COVID-19, are achieving the desired results, but we’re still not quite at the turning point. We can’t tell for sure how the epidemic may further develop, nor rule out the possibility of

2019 Chengdu Holiday Bazaar

Chengdu’s biggest international event is just around the corner! The Holiday Bazaar is an amazing family-friendly day out, with food, performances, gifts to buy and most importantly a chance to give back to good causes. Every year tens of thousands

WIN a Songtsam Retreat to Yunnan this May 1-4!

This May 1st-4th, Songtsam are offering you the chance to win a three-night stay in their Deluxe Suite at Songtsam Linka Shangri-Lain Shangri-La, Yunnan.

Fallen Heroes: 30 Sichuan Firefighters Killed

Yesterday (April 1st) it was reported that at least 30 firefighters died after hundreds were sent to tackle a forest blaze in remote mountains.

巴适 #1 Blind Massage on the East Side

巴适 Básì means awesome, great, spiffing, far out, dope in Sichuanese, and is Chengdu-Expat’s new guide to exploring Chengdu’s cracks and crevices.

144 hour Visa-Free Transit in Chengdu

Good news for everyone, travelling to Chengdu just became a lot easier. With the visa-free transit permit, you can spend nearly a week in Chengdu.

Taxi Chat – Sichuanhua With Your Cab Driver

Being able to communicate with the people around you makes living abroad way easier! So let us begin with small steps by being able to talk to your taxi driver in real Sichuanhua.

What’s Happening in Chengdu [February 2019]

What’s been happening in mala city whilst you’ve been away for Chinese New Year? Catch up on the news here:

The Metro’s About to Get Faster, In More Ways Than One [January 2019]

Ever found yourself walking past the endless Metro construction and thinking what’s it all for? Well, we’ve got the down-low on what’s happening… New Payment System for the Metro.In the past week we’ve seen Chengdu Metro Operation launch a new QR

African Swine Fever Reported in Sichuan

African Swine Fever has appeared in Sichuan, now officially having cases in 18 of China’s 31 provinces.It is important to note that this fever has not yet been known to infect humans, and is completely separate from swine flu. There

Boozy Sichuan: Traditional Cocktails with a Local Twist

Local culinary ingredients are sneaking their way into traditional cocktail recipes and neighbourhood bar menus all across the city. Pucker up buckeroos, we’re jumping on a flavor train of bizarre herbs, strange infusions, bamboo, spice & late night delights.1. Temple House

Sichuanese Sayings: He’s Cute? That’s Fake!

People have long joked, 天不怕地不怕只怕四川人说普通话 – there is nothing to fear but the Sichuanese speaking Mandarin, and it can be true…With a large lack of retroflex sounds (ch, zh, sh, etc.), confusions on h/f, n/l, s/c initial consonants and n/ng, en/un, ian/uan finals, it

Write for us at Chengdu-Expat

We are looking for new writers and contributors who find living in Chengdu as fascinating as we do. The city is bursting with great food, fast development and an amazing emerging arts scene, and we want to find talented writers who want

Trade Tariffs Sparks Reaction from Local Businesses

WeChat groups were set alight in Sichuan this week after the USA and China announced new waves of trade tariffs on each other’s goods. This caused some local businesses to act in a similar manner, taking politics into their own

Sichuan Science and Technology Museum Reopening

The Sichuan Science Museum will be holding its pre-opening as of November 1st. Visitors have to book tickets online via the Museums official website to secure a place. (please be advised the website is only in Chinese)The revamp which cost 120