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How Do Foreigners Work Legally in China?

China will be implementing a more ‘proactive, open and effective’ policy to attract overseas expertise. Through this new policy, it will hopefully become easier for foreigners to start working here legally.Permits and certificates required to work in ChinaAccording to the

Visit the Three Gorges for Free | Make Friends and Explore

Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and Ctrip are inviting 2oo foreigners to witness the beautiful scenery of the Three Gorges at Yangtze River for free!Whether this is your first time or you’ve seen them before, this is a whole new way to experience the

Things To Do In Chengdu This October Holiday

Golden Week is fast approaching and if you’ve decided to stay in the city, it may have been a smart move. In 2017, 705 million people travelled around China and spent 583.6 billion yuan (US$85 billion) from October 1 to 8.  Tickets get

Great Escapes! Your Unforgettable October Holiday

 Swing your backpack on and step into an amazing adventure. Nepal is filled with every trekking opportunity from long rambles staying in delightful teahouses, to multi-day high elevation, hard-core alpine experiences. If you long for big adventure in an exotic location

7 Things to Know Before Coming to Chengdu

Moving country can be a daunting yet exciting experience. When jetting off to another continent however, these problems can seem far more intimidating.Chengdu is one of the fastest growing international cities in the world but it is precisely that: growing.

Summer Getaway Deals From Chengdu

Summer Getaway (Tibet Travel & Around ) Deals From ChengduThe Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) of China is a high, dry, windswept plateau. Thrust up like a giant dinner plate by the major tectonic forces of the Indian Subcontinent crashing into

JOB: Host of Travel Reality Shows

The Chengdu Chaoyouai Technology team are looking for a passionate video host to join and work with the Tomato English team.[kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]About UsThe Chaoyouai Technology is a Chengdu-based online education company. Founded in 2012, it has become a

Experience the Biggest Festival in Tibet

Tibet Vacation are giving you the chance to experience the most significant festival in the Tibetan calendar as well as witnessing some of Tibet’s other stunning sights this May. On May 21st 2018 they are organizing a comprehensive 15 Days Mount Kailash Saga Dawa

New Chengdu-Xi’an High Speed Train

Departing from Chengdu East Railway station and arriving at Xi’an North station in just 4hr-4hr30m, this high-speed train runs several times a day, making it a great opportunity for the people of Chengdu to take a day trip to the

Tibet to Nepal Through Newly Opened Border

With a strong Tibetan cultural presence in Chengdu and a lively Tibetan quarter, many of us living in Chengdu dream of visiting the region – and now 2 years after the earthquake, the border between Tibet and Nepal has reopened.Instead

Top 10 Photography Spots in Chengdu – Part 2

Known for its distinctive culture and cuisine within China, Chengdu is a marvelous city brimming with life that offers a myriad of unique views. You just have to know where to look. We previously shared the first five top places

Travel Tips: XiaoJin – Gem of the West

I never intended to stay long in XiaoJin. I never intended to stay at all actually. After a two-day stint hiking in the mountains near Wenchuan, I had planned on making the overland trip by bus to Danba the morning

Mosika: Journey to the West

Mosika, a Journey to the WestLazy yellow rays filtered though the pine trees as we slowly made our way up the valley in the late afternoon. A deep blue river flowed on our are right and we were hemmed in

Look behind you ? @jin4716

Look behind you ? @jin4716

Scaredy cat?@fenderlei

Scaredy cat?@fenderlei

Make tea, not war ☕️ @andylee101

Make tea, not war ☕️ @andylee101

My [Blue Sheep] Weekender

 Dr. Ray Pinniger – Chengdu-Expat explores the extraordinary life of Dr.Ray, finding out about her travels, what brought her to Chengdu and the founding of Blue Sheep – her social enterprise.Dr. Ray Pinniger is a hugely respected and notable figure

Taste of Waldorf Astoria Shanghai Event

The Waldorf Astoria Shanghai is one of the top destinations in Shanghai for those seeking luxury and an unbeatable quality of service. For this reason, they boast a huge selection of awards such as a spot on Travel and Leisure’s

My [Daring] Weekender.

Chocoliss 肖盈 – Mah-jong Master, adrenaline junkie and founder of CoolTrip describes her weekends in the ‘Du. Sichuan born Chocoliss is a self-confessed adrenalin junkie, free spirit and lover of adventures. After fleeing life pushing papers for an international trading company

Eco-Tourism in Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou is one of those places in China that over a billion people aspire to visit at least once in their life time. Although this provides obvious economic benefits to rural communities in Northern Suchaun, it can be very much