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Separated At Birth: Belgian Girls Search For Chinese Family

• Noëmi and Anéline Plateau were born in China, but raised as sisters in Belgium.• Please share and help spread the word to anyone that may have information.Born in China, raised in BelgiumWe are Noëmi and Anéline Plateau. We were born in China, each

Yangshuo: Learn Chinese in the Sun this Winter

• If learning Chinese is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then this is the place for you. Omeida Chinese Academy offers various programs to suit everyone’s needs. Their Standard Chinese Immersion Program offers a full immersion in the language, culture, and

Winter in Guilin + Reach Your Chinese Goals

Based in China and looking to quickly improve your Chinese skills?Join the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) in beautiful Guilin during your winter holidays for our intensive Chinese Immersion Program.With flexible program dates, begin your program on any Monday of the year

Take a Break, Study Chinese in Stunning Yangshuo

As most of us in China know, it is not recommended to leave at the moment – as you won’t be allowed back in. Some of us don’t mind waiting it out, until the rest of the world gets better, but many of us

COVID-19: Foreigners Entry To China Eases

• Chinese embassies in at least 110 countries and territories have begun offering facilitation to visa applicants who have been inoculated with China-produced COVID-19 vaccines (full list below).• Those coming to China for work, their family members and foreign family

Chengdu Places Open During 2021 Chinese New Year

It’s that time of the year again!Chinese New Year, specifically Chunyun, is the greatest annual human migration, often leaves big cities deserted. With Lunar New Year falling on February 11, you may have noticed the crowds begin to thin already.

Clabing? Online Chinese Tutoring to Fit your Budget

Do you know how to find an awesome Chinese tutor whom you can share your interests and life with?Want to know where to find your native Chinese tutors/language partners from a variety of different people?Do you feel bothered to travel

Take a Break, Study Chinese in Stunning Yangshuo

As most of us who endured the COVID-19 lockdown in China know, we can’t leave for the moment – or won’t be allowed back in. Some of us don’t mind waiting it out, until the rest of the world gets

Killing Time? Learn Chinese Online!

Killing Time? Learn Chinese Online!Thankfully the COVID-19 situation is getting more and more stable in Mainland China now,but top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan thinks laying low until the end of April 2020 is advised, so the country gets the all clear.That

Bored at Home? Learn a Little Local Lingo!

So, you’ve been in China for years now and have been saying that you’d actually learn Mandarin if you had more time. Well, it’s a good thing this quarantine period means you have free time, and lots of it. Use

10 Things To Do During The Virus

10 Things To Do During The VirusIt is certainly a strange time to be in China…  The streets are deserted, stores are closed, returning to work has been postponed, and most people are staying inside to reduce the spread of the

What’s Closed (and Open) in Chengdu

[Updated May 19] To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Chengdu, lots of touristic spots and business are also closed till further notice. All events and public gatherings are cancelled, and this will still take a while.It is a

11.11 Madness Bigger than all Western Equivalents Combined

Expats in China may be blissfully unaware of the significance of Singles Day (11/11 day) in China; remarkably it is far bigger than Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving. Singles Day repeatedly smashes the sales volumes of any other global

Does The Iceberg Principle Affect Our Chinese Learning?

How does an iceberg relate to your process of acquiring a second language? Quite a bit, actually…  In the world of learning a second language, you may run into all sorts of claims:“Learn a new language in 5 minutes!”“10 language

Can We Ever Really Be Chinese?

 Living in a country without being able to communicate. You have arrived in a city and you are unable to communicate due to the language barrier, and the experience you are having is being severly limited by your lack of grasp of the language.

3 Ways To Improve Your Chinese

Avoid language learning traps with Brilliance Learning Center

Taxi Chat – Sichuanhua With Your Cab Driver

Being able to communicate with the people around you makes living abroad way easier! So let us begin with small steps by being able to talk to your taxi driver in real Sichuanhua.

Explore Tibetan New Year Culture

In a once in a lifetime event, the Tibetan and Chinese New Years fall at the same time. Get the details on how you can make the most of the 7 day holiday.

How To Overcome Your Chinese Fears

How many years have you been living in Chengdu?How is your Chinese?How far can you go in three months?Do you find it is hard to practice your Chinese with your local friends? Do they insist upon speaking English with you?When

How To Open a Bank Account in Chengdu

Opening a bank account in Chengdu is almost an essential as the city relies more and more on electronic payments. Here’s everything you need to know:Documents to Prepare Before Opening a New Bank Account:Passport (Original + Photocopy).Have your phone number