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3 Ways To Improve Your Chinese

Avoid language learning traps with Brilliance Learning Center

Taxi Chat – Sichuanhua With Your Cab Driver

Being able to communicate with the people around you makes living abroad way easier! So let us begin with small steps by being able to talk to your taxi driver in real Sichuanhua.

Explore Tibetan New Year Culture

In a once in a lifetime event, the Tibetan and Chinese New Years fall at the same time. Get the details on how you can make the most of the 7 day holiday.

How To Overcome Your Chinese Fears

How many years have you been living in Chengdu?How is your Chinese?How far can you go in three months?Do you find it is hard to practice your Chinese with your local friends? Do they insist upon speaking English with you?When

How To Open a Bank Account in Chengdu

Opening a bank account in Chengdu is almost an essential as the city relies more and more on electronic payments. Here’s everything you need to know:Documents to Prepare Before Opening a New Bank Account:Passport (Original + Photocopy).Have your phone number

The 6 Week Challenge

Chinese Corner Mandarin Learning Centre have developed a way to teach people intensive survival Chinese in 6 weeks, in a fun and effective way.They are looking for people to test this new Chinese bootcamp.[kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””][kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]After

A Love Letter to Chengdu

Big news from Mandarin Blueprint at the end of the article with a special offer exclusively for Chengdu-Expats, don’t miss it!After I moved to Chengdu, people told me it had its own culture along with a somewhat independent streak and look out…you

5 Must See Documentaries: Education Edition

There are many things that make us different from each other, but one thing that always stands out between me and my friends educated in the West is how different our schooling was. It affects the way we present ourselves,

Trying out Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chengdu

​Most foreigners’ first introduction to Chinese medicine is for the common cold. After living a few years in Chengdu and dealing with the colds that linger due to pollution and humidity, we’ve found that nothing knocks a lingering Chengdu cold out as effectively

Sport this Summer in Chengdu

Following the success of Adidas’ Republic of Sports in Shanghai and Beijing, for the first time it has come to Chengdu! It will showcase football, basketball, running and training and offer free classes. The Chengdu-Expat team went to check it

The Many Faces of Sichuan Local Cuisine

By Susan JohnsonSource: MORE Magazine July 2016We’ve always felt that one of the best things about living in Chengdu is the food, but finding and keeping up with the good spots has been taking some work. Sichuan food is one

An Innovative New Way to Learn Chinese

An Innovative New Way to Learn ChineseMandarin Blueprint has been making waves as the most motivating and innovative Chinese course around. Run by foreign experts, they specialize in the Chinese teaching methods that are most effective for foreigners.Demystifying Chinese in

Chengdu F&B places OPEN over Chinese New Year

An overview of restaurants and bars that are open in the ‘DU over CNY:As most of China heads home for the holidays, we have a list of places that will still be open during Chinese New Year.The Beer Nest I +

How to Renew your Visa while in Chengdu, China?

Renewing your Visa: A worrisome problem that most of us will face sooner or later. Below is a simple guide explaining how to renew different Visa categories.See below clear guidelines to Chinese Visa Application in Chengdu:L Visa RenewalL Visa =

Sichuanhua and Chinese Network Buzzwords

Check out some real local Sichuan slang & some more Chinese internet buzzwords. Learn to speak like a local! SichuanhuaXiǎo mèi er 小妹儿 = Little missfěnzi 粉子= Beautiful girllǎo tào 老套 = Boss [Literally:old things]zhái nán 宅男 = Lazy guy (NEET,

Going From Hot Pot Noob to DIY Hot Pot Scholar in One Read

Now that autumn has come to an end and the winter months have settled down for a short while, us poor devils have to do all that we can to prevent ourselves from succumbing to the frostbite. An exaggeration, I