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Bye Bye Alipay and WeChat Pay! Digital RMB’s Coming!

Finally, China will soon start testing its central bank digital currency in selected regions! Unlike Alipay and WeChat Pay that rely on the internet, digital currency can be exchanged offline, just like using physical cash. Will you use it?TRIALS UNDERWAYChina

Visa about to Expire? Here’s the Lowdown

It is now two months since China announced that all foreigners in China would get a 60-day visa extension if their visa was going to expire during the epidemic. Many of us are now wondering what to do next, as

COVID-19: Airlines Resuming International Flights

Airlines are announcing their latest schedule for international flights in May and June. Since March, due to the wide spread of COVID-19 pandemic, domestic airlines reduced their international routes to one per country, and one flight per week. Similar schedule

Can you Imagine a World without Trees?

The world as we know it would literally CEASE TO EXIST. And while it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which every tree on earth is cut down, we are DESTROYING THE TREES WE HAVE AT AN ALARMING RATE.In fact,

COVID-19: China to Ease Entry Ban on Foreigners

It’s not easy to come to China these days since the country has temporarily suspended the entry by most of foreign nationals from last month. But here comes good news, China is seeking fast-track travel arrangements with some countries. Personnel

COVID-19 Chengdu: April 2020 Updates

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 have exceeded 2.4 million globally, it’s becoming clear that the battle against the virus will not be a short one. Meanwhile in Chengdu work has resumed, schools have re-opened and we have slid back into relative normality. However there are still many restrictions to contend

COVID-19: What to Know about Traveling in China Right Now

We’ve been stuck in the city for too long and we want to go see something, someplace, someone else. We want to travel. But how to do it in the era of contact tracing, Big Data health history tracking and ubiquitous

Chengdu News April 2020: Spanish Consulate General and MORE Local News

Chengdu is back! Even if some of your friends aren’t yet. As work resumes, and we slip back into relative normality, there’s plenty going on in and around Chengdu. Get all the information you need to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the city

2020 Chengdu Easter Specials

2020 Chengdu Easter SpecialsThis weekend is Easter weekend! Don’t know yet what to do and how to make this a special one? Check out the following venues. We have it all from Easter Sunday brunch to a big Easter Egg

Public Schools and other Openings

Finally, things are certainly getting closer to normality in the city! Many malls, gyms, restaurants, bars, restaurants and other venues have re-opened, and it hopefully won’t be for too long until kids can go back to schools, and events start

Knowledge is Power: Free COVID-19 E-Books

Want a FREE e-copy?Let us know your e-mail address in the comments or write us an e-mail at newly confirmed coronavirus cases have largely subsided in China, global cases are still on the rise. With family, loved ones and

How To Use Chengdu’s Health Apps

Although things are certainly getting closer to normality in the city, many residential compounds, malls, gyms, bars, and restaurants are asking for people to show a color coded permit, or government issued app to prove they aren’t a health risk.Unfortunately

24Hours Compulsory Quarantine for ALL International Arrivals at CTU

24Hours Compulsory Quarantine for Testing for almost all arrivals now at CTU+ 14 Days mandatory quarantine at a designated location if visited high-risk countries (and perhaps all travelers, reports are now coming in)From March 18th, all international arrivals in Chengdu

COVID-19: China Ramping up Quarantine for International Arrivals

Since middle of March, all international arrivals in major cities in China are now required a 14-day quarantine at a government-designated location at their own expense, even if they do not have coronavirus symptoms. The escalation in the policy comes

Killing Time? Learn Chinese Online!

Killing Time? Learn Chinese Online!Thankfully the COVID-19 situation is getting more and more stable in Mainland China now,but top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan thinks laying low until the end of April 2020 is advised, so the country gets the all clear.That

COVID-19 Legal Advice: Jobs and Visas

COVID-19 Legal Advice: Jobs and VisasBy now many of us will have received news you won’t be entitled to a full salary in the next few months. COVID-19 has affected a lot of people’s ability to head into work, because

COVID-19’s Domino Effect: Global Pandemic

Data statistics, as of 2020/04/20, 11:00With more than 2.4 million COVID-19 cases confirmed, and death toll hitting over 160,000 in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide according to Johns Hopkins University, people are being advised to avoid public and

Coronavirus: Updated Chengdu Exit and Entry Rules

Covid19  | Coronavirus: Updated Chengdu Exit and Entry RulesAs there are always a lot of questions in our groups and in the back system – we wanted to share this recent post from the city’s Exit and Entry Administration Division of Chengdu

Bored at Home? Learn a Little Local Lingo!

So, you’ve been in China for years now and have been saying that you’d actually learn Mandarin if you had more time. Well, it’s a good thing this quarantine period means you have free time, and lots of it. Use