Chengdu F&B places OPEN over Chinese New Year

An overview of restaurants and bars that are open in the ‘DU over CNY:As most of China heads home for the holidays, we have a list of places that will still be open during Chinese New Year.The Beer Nest I +

Chengdu Upcoming Events February 2016

 Check out what events are happening in the ‘Du1月29日 – 2月6日/Jan. 29 – Feb. 6: Pollution Beer Blues 啤酒之“霾”Pint of Chengdu Craft Beer 成都精酿啤酒:? 50-100 PM 2.5: RMB 35? 100-200 PM 2.5: RMB 30? 200-300 PM 2.5: RMB 20? >300

“Wall of kindness” in Chengdu

The Wall of Kindness, a charity work and a kind of welfare, was introduced at iBOX Chengdu last February. It is usually done by attaching cloth hangers outside of houses; those encourage people to donate miscellaneous useful things such as clothing. Originally form Iran, and introduced to Chengdu by an Iranian, citizens

Where to Get a Fitness Test in Chengdu

[:en]So we’ve made the new year’s resolutions but are looking for a baseline to track progress towards our fitness goals. We all know scale weight is but one piece of the puzzle, so for a more complete picture of our

New Libraries in Chengdu

Libraries are key destinations to check out in a new city. They are usually clean, comfortable, and relaxing spots to pass a few hours or do any studying, reading, and computer work. Really great libraries through their architecture, collections, and

What happened to WeChat today? The Blurred Picture Story

[:en]Even if you’re not into WeChat, you probably have noticed some blurred pictures going around today.What happened?  Seems like the Tencent team wanted to try something new, and why not involved lucky money (红包) as the Chinese New Year is coming up.After updating WeChat,

Venue for Private/ Corporate Parties in Chengdu

 Christmas party? Year-end employee gathering? Or any other private functions? Let The Beer Nest take care of your needs for a very special event! We can tailor make our menus for either a sit-down dinner, buffet style feast or catering. We

Electronic Girls Chengdu

Electronic GirlsRock music tends to be male dominated, you look at most of the bands in town you’ll see stages lined with men manning microphones, guitars, bass guitars and of course your usual burly guy on the drums. For those

Chengdu January 2016 Events ?

[:en] Check out our listings for the upcoming events in January.1. 餐厅/ Restaurants1月2日/Jan. 2: New Year CarnivalIf anyone is intereated. I will be working on a new year Carnival in Rumba. Saturday, Jan 2nd, special drink with good.prices and a

Chengdu Hand Warming Street Snacks for Chilly Days

Wrapping a cold hand around street snacks like stewed eggs or a freshly steamed baozi on that damp and chilly morning commute can become a ritual.During Chengdu’s colder months, holding onto a warm bite of something can comfort and fortifyShao

New 1,5 hours Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed railway

[:en]A new high-speed rail linking Chengdu and Chongqing had its test run on December 16thThe railway stretches 185km across Sichuan province and runs a further 123km to Chongqing city. A total of 309 bridges and 38 tunnels have been built

Chengdu New Year Events

[:en]?Check out where to enjoy New Year in the ‘Du 看看成都哪里可以和家人朋友一块儿过新年.. ? We have plenty of listings so there will be something to suit every taste this New Year’s Eve!1. 餐厅/ Restaurants 12月31日/Dec. 31: Cheers & Beers! 新年@啤酒窝1/2店All Chengdu Craft Beers

Chengdu Metro Line 4 Officially Opened

[:en]After years of work Metro Line 4 opened on December 26thChina is implementing its highly ambitious project to build an all-new metro system in Chengdu and other cities.High-speed, light rail and metro rail projects are all high priorities in China,

Chengdu New Year Events and Parties

[:en]Check out where to enjoy New Year in the ‘Du 看看成都哪里可以和家人朋友一块儿过新年..1. 餐厅/ Restaurants 12月31日/Dec. 31: Cheers & Beers! 新年@啤酒窝1/2店All Chengdu Craft Beers RMB 30 to ring in the New Year! 所有成都精酿啤酒特价30块一杯*Date/ 日期: Dec. 31/ 12月31号*Time/ 时间: All day 全天*Venue/场地: The Beer

Chengdu to build second airport to ease congestion

[:en]Sichuan Province Airport Group announced the general design plan for the second airport of Chengdu after the final round of bidding.The chosen plan covers the overall design of the new airport and the design of terminals and features a layout

2015 Chengdu Christmas Dinners and Events

Check out where to enjoy Christmas in the ‘Du.. Check out this overview of Xmas Restaurant offers, sumptuous Hotel Dinners and Parties: 1. 餐厅/ Restaurants12月24-26日/Dec. 24-26: Roasted Chicken Set @The Beer Nest II 啤酒窝餐吧Whole Roasted Spring Chicken + Caesar Salad + 2 Craft Wheat

Chengdu’s Stories (1): Running in the ‘Du

Ruby Leslie and other expats share their running experiences:Running was never a sport I enjoyed. It felt like a chore. I would only run if I had no other option and would compare it with dramatic flair to the agony of seeing

Dec. 20: Chengdu’s 1st Craft Beer Run

[:en]??Join and experience the excitement of our 1st Chengdu Craft Beer RunOur challenge: run faster, think faster and drink faster ??Agenda13:00-14:00 Collect entry package at M99 Hongpailou World Beer Shop14:00-14:45 Sign up14:45-15:00 Opening ceremony15:00-15:15 Warm-up15:15-15:30 Issue task book and barmap15:30-17:30

Buying Xmas stuff in Chengdu

[:en]BOOH! Christmas is coming up. What better way to get into the festive mood than by decorating your home? Check out where to Xmas Decorations in the`Du ?:1) Taobao 淘宝网 – Everything you want2) Hehuachi wholesale market荷花池批发市场Address/地址:Beizhan East 2nd Rd, Jinniu

December events in Chengdu

[:en]冬季到了,看看成都有哪些你感兴趣的活动、展览、派对吧!  Winter is coming, Check out Chengdu’s new upcoming events12月2日/Dec. 2: Chengdu Gaming NightGet more info:*Date/ 日期: Wed. Dec. 2th/周三 12月2号*地址/Address: Yulin North Street 玉林北街*Venue/场地: Machu Picchu 2 马丘比丘12月3日/Dec. 3: QSI 舞台剧 Dramatic Play “Into The Woods”The show features the stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little