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Chengdu News Spring 2023

Chengdu was a city made for spring so make the most of it.  In the narrow window between the long smoggy winter, and scorching summer months – it’s like the city takes a big stretch, a deep breath in, and

How to Find what you’re Looking for in Chengdu

Having difficulties trying to find what you are looking for in Chengdu?Having difficulties trying to find what you are looking for in Chengdu? Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard on our portfolio of products (website, Mini-Program, WeChat

Chengdu News Spring 2022

 You may not have been able to leave Chengdu this May holiday, but boy, did the city turn on the charm. And whilst we’re still in a relaxed stupor, there’s lots to fill you in on, that’s been happening here

Chengdu News Winter 2022

The 4 or 5 weeks between Christmas and the Lunar New Year can feel like a sort of listless vaccum, where nothing much of value happens in Chengdu, apart from trips to a tin of Quality Street, to see if anything but the toffee pennies are hiding

Chengdu News Autumn 2021

It looks like another autumn has arrived in the city, where we’re not going beyond China’s fine borders – and before you know it winter will be in town. Luckily there’s lots going on to keep us distracted; celebrations, yet another

Chengdu 2020 Metro Expansion

Chengdu 2020 Metro ExpansionThe Chengdu Metro seems to be being built at lightening speed, into each and every spare inch of the city. Long gone are the days where the only intersection was between lines 1 and 2 was at Tianfu Square. Now multiple lines intersect all

Chengdu News Autumn 2020

The US elections are over, and finally, we can focus on something a little closer to home… Chengdu doesn’t seem to have stopped to take a breath recently, as the construction of roads, metro lines, and new buildings ramps up.

Over 6,000 Ancient Tombs Discovered & Other Chengdu News

As the city swings (almost) back to full pelt, we don’t want you to miss long-postponed openings, and new discoveries in the city this month. Here’s what’s up:Over 6000 Ancient Tombs Discovered in ChengduMore than 6,000 ancient tombs dating back between the Warring

Chengdu News December 2019: Jiuzhaigou Reopens, New Metro Line and MORE

​Join us as we celebrate Jinli making Travel CNN’s most beautiful street list, get excited for the new metro line and Christmas events, reminisce about previous events in the city and more.Jiuzhai Valley Scenic Area Open to Individual VisitorsIt has

Chengdu News November 2019

There is loads going on in and around Chengdu. Get all the information you need to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the city right here.2019 FISE ChengduFrom October 31st to November 3rd, the international Festival of Extreme Sports

Legoland, Marathon, Exhibitions & Other News

It’s getting chilly now and the rain is coming and going. But plenty is happening in and around Chengdu. Here’s what’s up:Legoland Is Coming to ChengduMerlin Entertainments announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Global Zhongjun Cultural

Another Sichuan Earthquake & Other News

Summer has officially left us and the rain is here. But there’s still been plenty happening in and around Chengdu. Here’s whats up:Neijiang EarthquakeA 5.4 magnitude earthquake jolted Weiyan County, Neijiang, Sichuan province, at 6:42 am on Sunday, one person

Floods, CATS, Direct Flights & Other News

Someone recently said that it seems Chengdu only operates for 8 months of the year; in the narrow window between Chinese New Year and Summer, then from autumn to the middle of winter. August is certainly one of the city’s

Is Chengdu on the Brink of Global Recognition?

Now after investing heavily in the province’s running ecosystem, Chengdu will bid to become the seventh city of the Abbott World Marathon Majors series, joining London, Tokyo, Berlin Chicago, New York, and Paris as host cities. This is just the beginning…

100 Days and Counting | Spring News

The city is awash with exciting events, exhibitions, and milestones to celebrate this month, here is what’s on:

Chengdu Spring 2019 News: Direct Flights and More

This month, there’s a plethora of new direct flights, railways links, and transport hubs coming to the city – as well as other province-wide updates.

Fallen Heroes: 30 Sichuan Firefighters Killed

Yesterday (April 1st) it was reported that at least 30 firefighters died after hundreds were sent to tackle a forest blaze in remote mountains.

Don’t speak Chinese? A new way to order food to your door

Ever tried to order food in Chengdu but your Mandarin is lacking? It’s not the easiest of tasks, but there’s finally a solution. Introducing the brand new Munchwich ordering platform, the MunchApp! The MunchAppA MiniProgram accessible from within WeChatto make your

The Metro’s About to Get Faster, In More Ways Than One [January 2019]

Ever found yourself walking past the endless Metro construction and thinking what’s it all for? Well, we’ve got the down-low on what’s happening… New Payment System for the Metro.In the past week we’ve seen Chengdu Metro Operation launch a new QR

December 2018 Marathon Dates Announced And Other Chengdu News

Two 2019 Chengdu Marathons Open for RegistrationGreat news for the growing community of avid runners today in Chengdu, as registration for two of the city’s long distance runs began today. Firstly, taking place on 17th March 2019, is the Chengdu Panda Marathon.This will be