[Updated September 15th] 

NOTE: Most places will require a 48h or even 24h negative test report.

Malls are reopening, some restaurants as well. Bars and sports venues still have to still closed until further notice.

It is a really crucial time to come together as a community, and support the local businesses that we love. Or they will disappear forever.

Shopping and Services

•9 Square     Open Daily

•AUX Plaza    Open Daily

B-Active Hangkong Rd  Closed

B-Active Yiguanmiao   Closed

Blue Sheep     Closed

•Capitaland Tianfu  Open Daily

•Carrefour         Open

Computer City Closed

Dancing Yak  Closed

Decathlon       Open, 10am – 6pm

•IFS                Open Daily

Ikea Gaoxin    Open, 10am-6pm

Ikea Chenghua Open

•in99             Open Daily

•Ito Yokado Gaoxin Open Daily

•Ito Yokado (Other) Open Daily

Joy City       Open Daily, 11am-10pm

•Mcube       Open Daily

•Metro          Open Daily

•MiXc            Closed

•PSB Tianfu   Open

•Renhe Spring Open Daily

Sam’s Club    Open Daily, 8am-10pm

Social Club    Closed

•The Temple Tattoo Closed

TaiKoo Li      Closed

•Ufun          Open Daily

•Wangfujing  Open Daily

•Yintai City   Open Daily



Bang Burger     Closed

Blue Cantina    Closed

Blue Frog TaiKooLi Closed

•BmF                Take-away & delivery (Tue.-Sun., 10:30 to 19:30)

Bucciano       Closed

Burger Austine Kehua Closed

Burger Austine TZL  Closed

Burger Brothers TZL  Closed

•Cacaja    Open for delivery

CASA             Closed

Coucou Rotisserie Open for delivery, 11:30-22:00

Curry Queen   Open for delivery

Dubai Safari    Open for delivery

•Edelweiss          Take-away & delivery

•Forno dello Zio  Closed

•Gili’s Luxelakes  Open

Gili’s TZL        Open for delivery

•Good Good    Open for delivery

G’s Bistro         Closed

Gli Azzuri            Closed

Great Leap          Closed

Happa Happa    Closed

Harry’s Wizard Café Closed

Haru Bistro           Closed

Homeplate        Take-away & delivery

Iron Pig TZL      Take-away & delivery

•Iron Pig Tianfu 5th Take-away & delivery

Iron Pig uFun     Open

Kathmandu      Closed

McElroy’s          Closed

Mesos               Closed

Moka Bros        Closed

Mike’s Pizza       Open for delivery except Mondays, 11am-1pm and 4-9pm

Mi Xun Teahouse Closed

Nanmen TZL      Closed

•Niccolo Kitchen    Open for delivery (Eleme)

Peter’s Tex Mex TZL  Open

Pizza Man      Closed

Pizza Corner  Closed

Rite Bite        Closed

•Salé&Sucré    Open for delivery (3 stores)

SanKe            Open for delivery

Shake Shack Open for delivery

Shamrock    Closed

Spice Magic    Closed

Tease              Closed

The Office         Open

The Temple Café Closed

The Sultan TKL Closed

Tom’s Diner       Open

TIVANO             Open

Tim’s Bar-B-Q    Open for delivery

Yalla Yalla TZL          Open Daily, 10:30-12:30

•Yalla Yalla TKL    Open for delivery


Do you have a fever and/ or other COVID symptoms (cough, etc)? The hospitals below can’t accept you, click here for the list of dedicated fever clinics in Chengdu.

•Gleneagles            TBC

•Global Doctor        Closed

Leo Clinic              Open

•Distinct Healthcare TBC

Bars & Clubs



Museums and Touristic Spots

•Botanical Garden Open, 7am-7pm

Chengdu Museum Closed

•Dufu’s Cottage   Closed

•Dujiangyan Irrigation System Open, 8am-6pm

East Suburb Memory Park: Open

Florentina Shopping Village: Open

•Happy Valley        Open

Jinsha Museum    Closed

•Jiuzhaigou           Open

Luodai Ancient Town  Open

Panda Base        Open

•Qingcheng Mountain Open, 8:30 – 18:00

•Qingyang Temple Closed

•Sanxingdui         Closed

•Sichuan Library   Closed

Sichuan Museum Closed

•Wenshu Temple  Closed

•Wuhou Shrine:  Closed

Wide & Narrow Alley Open


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